And so begins our love affair with Goodwood

Impartial as we are at RDI, particularly when it comes to venues, sometimes there are venues that simply have to be shouted about. As those of you who follow our work will know, RDI is all about high quality events that deliver a memorable experience. An event can be created anywhere in any location and with great lighting and creativity we can magic an atmosphere out of any venue. However with a venue like Goodwood, the magic is created for you. On a recent tour of the estate we found out why.

The Goodwood Estate at large 

For many, Goodwood is a racecourse which hosts the famous ‘Glorious Festival.’ But the estate as a whole encompasses a 4* hotel, grand historic house, farm shop, two golf courses, two restaurants, private members areas, not to mention the motor racing track, airport and extensive farm land….

 …little known fact…..Goodwood is the largest self sustaining estate in Europe, with all meat and dairy products produced and sold within the estate.

Event Managers are spoilt for choice at Goodwood

With all of that real estate, it is hard to know where to start for your event, but put quite simply, each and every space offers something for a range of events. For the uber glamourous wedding there’s Goodwood House (undoubtedly the dream venue for any bride and groom to be). For your important clients, the hotel rooms are a must with each one individually styled to create a home from home feel (a rather swanky home at that!) And of course if they like outdoor pursuits the golf course and lunch at the Kennels tops off a fabulous relaxed corporate experience.

But who would have thought that conferences and exhibitions are an option at Goodwood? The Hotel has the space for 200 in a fantastic stylish room with outside space and access to the spa and restaurants. Alternatively the race course itself has a hidden gem over looking the track on one side and the Downs on another which is perfect for exhibitions.

Large outdoor event? Sure, PLENTY of room! And hey, why not have your guests fly in to the airfield just for that cherry on the top feel. It is a little ridiculous for one location to have so much to offer and yet some how not feel snobbish. But that is the magic of Goodwood. 

Glorious glGoodwoodorious Goodwood!

You see the bit that Goodwood gets so right is to remove the unfriendly, arrogant atmosphere (which quite frankly it would be fully justified to have) and instead through the design and detail, to create a chic but comfortable group of venues that are a joy to be in, but not intimidatingly so. The dog bowls at the Kennels are placed on top of each in a scruffy quirky way, which creates that homely feel in a room which is decorated to the hilt in history and grandeur. It is this balance that creates the huge success story that is Goodwood.

Ruth Dancer International and Goodwood

Undoubtedly we will be enjoying a summer of events at Goodwood (not to mention celebrating our 1 year UK anniversary there….watch this space for more on that) and if we have convinced you of its charm and fabulousness, you can get more information from the Goodwood website. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us about organising your event at Goodwood, please contact us directly.

5 Responses to “And so begins our love affair with Goodwood”

  • Very eloquently described Ruth. I must agree, I was astonished at how much Goodwood has to offer and what an absolute gem of a location it is. Goodwood is truly Glorious, is a very special place with so much to offer individuals and corporates alike.

  • Julie Swan:

    Thanks Ruth – I had no idea that Goodwood offered that extensive a variety… Looks like a fabulous venue!

  • ruthdancer:

    Thanks Jennifer. Absolutely. It’s very easy to pigeon hole a venue without really looking into everything it has to offer and this really is a jewel in the Sussex Crown.

  • ruthdancer:

    You’re welcome Julie. Glad you enjoyed reading the post. Do keep up to date with more fabulous venues in the area by reading the weekly blog.

  • Lovely description of Goodwood and wonderful piccies too. I am looking forward to hearing all about your first anniversary celebrations………. sound like a Ball! Having visited Goodwood myself as you did, I would not have known about all they have to offer and reading your post here sums up everything so well. I just love the picture of the old dog kennels – I can just imagine them lined with fairy lights at Christmas time. Beautiful! Thank you Ruth for sharing this information with us.

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Celebrity DJ, Nikki Beatnik

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