Beautiful Weddings

Creating the perfect wedding is all about individuality. From the centrepieces to the cake, the dress to the gifts, the flowers to the quirky little touches, every element of a wedding should be bespoke. The most important factor for Ruth Dancer International when creating and delivering a wedding, is to reflect the personalities, preferences and style of the bride and groom entirely. Whilst every wedding has the RDI touch, each and every special day is a creation of the aspiration of the happy couple. 

• "Ruth Dancer has an eye for detail and small touches which make her events look amazing. Ruth takes multi - tasking to a new level. I have rarely worked with such a hard working and motivated individual. I would highly recommend anyone who is holding an event to hire Ruth Dancer International - they go above and beyond the call of duty to make every event completely special"
Celebrity DJ, Nikki Beatnik

• "Ruth knows what very high quality looks like and how to make it happen"
Director of Synergy, Scott Garrett

• "Ruth is a consumate professional never flustered. I was fortunate to work with Ruth at Wembley Stadium, she undoubtably "gets it!". Colleague or client she brings out the best in people."
Kurt Coelho, Manager at Wembley Stadium