Wedding Planning

Marryoke, I do? Or I definitely don’t!

Marryoke is the affectionately named word to describe a video put together on or before the wedding day, which shows the bride, groom and members of the wedding party lip synching to a favourite song. Need we go on? Read the rest of this entry »

And so begins our love affair with Goodwood

An event can be created anywhere in any location and with great lighting and creativity we can magic an atmosphere out of any venue. However with a venue like Goodwood, the magic is created for you. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing the perfect venue for your event is the #1 challenge

How do you know if the venue can take the right number of guests for your event, has the right feel and of course, the right budget? By clicking through each and every one? No thanks. Read the rest of this entry »

Even a Royal Wedding Planner needs a checklist for planning a wedding

Your very own free checklist for planning a wedding. As with all events, you start with two key factors which relate to one another – date and venue. Read the rest of this entry »

Stunning, affordable and right on our doorstep

Deep in the heart of the West Sussex countryside is a village called Climping, home to a beautiful Medieval venue called Bailiff Court Hotel. If you haven’t heard of it, seen it or researched it already, we urge you to check it out. More of a home than a hotel, the main house, thatched cottages and 30 acres of land are a genuine haven from the stresses of modern life.

A hop skip and jump from the beach, if scenery, tranquil walks and pretty architecture is your thing, then this won’t fail to impress. Rooms for nearly 40, a wedding chapel, dining rooms, spa, tennis courts the list goes on. But most of all, it is unique and personal. The moment you drive onto the property you feel at home – or rather how you would like your home to be in your wildest dreams.

For more information on rooms, spa treatments and restaurant reservations visit or for information about holding your wedding, Christmas lunch or corporate retreat there, contact us at RDI via our contact page.

High end or just high quality?

In a recent visit to a trade fair, a ‘floral sculptor’ – apparently calling oneself a ‘florist’ just doesn’t cut it anymore – asked if our services were “high end.” Which prompted an interesting question for us here at RDI, what is the definition of high end in this industry? 

Easy, I hear you shout:

“… someone who delivers events to the upper end of the market. Huge budgets, celebrity clients. A high quality finish….?”

Maybe….and yes, admittedly we have frequently been labelled high end in articles and by our clients and suppliers, but what exactly does that mean and are we comfortable with this tag? 

It’s an interesting point. And as I wandered around this particular wedding fair in Hampshire, I was struck by the variety of quality on offer. I’d like to say that we always endeavour to use local suppliers (to help with the local economy and keep costs for the client down), but when it comes to our events, high quality is an absolute must, and frankly many of these suppliers just weren’t up to scratch. The layout of the stands, the quality of the marketing material offered to visitors and the way in which the people manning the stand presented themselves to me, varied from poor to good (but not excellent). As a bride, walking  past these stands, I wouldn’t have known where to start, what questions to ask, or been able to tell which suppliers were better than others – or perhaps more importantly, that there are suppliers who are significantly better than what was on offer.

So knowing what to look for in a stationer, florist, marquee supplier etc, is the first start in being a ‘high end event manager’ because great suppliers are crucial to providing overall great quality. But does that make us high end- our suppliers, knowing how to get the best from them and only choosing high quality providers?

Maybe, but to our next point, high end requires a big budget and preferably a celebrity status….right? Well our clients range from the royal family to local fitness experts, with a big difference in the number of noughts on the budget, so does that mean we are not high end? Does high end mean you ONLY work for the great and good? Well, that is for you ( and the floral sculptor) to decide, and if you believe yes, it does, then RDI proudly confesses we are not purely high end. We do not exclude clients based on their budget or column inches so that we can be judged as ‘high end’.

Instead, we would like to say that if you consider high end to reflect quality and personality, not budget and ego, then indeed, we are the highest of ends! To us, high end is delivering the most creative, memorable event possible, to a very high standard and over and above the imagination of our competitors.

Perhaps we should contact the Oxford English Dictionary and offer that meaning….but for the time being Mr floral sculptor, I would like to suggest that a better question to ask of your event manager is “are you high quality and can you show examples of your work to demonstrate that?” – You’re less likely to be disappointed, than if you ask to see their waffly, self promoting, blurb full of substance-less hyperbole. Hm.

A few tips for brides (and grooms) to be

Whilst we would love to create each and every wedding for you, we understand that some couples prefer to organise their own weddings. So to help you along, and ensure that it is an enjoyable process (not the stress that so many seem to find  it), here are some handy websites that we recommend. is a UK wide wedding website which provides information on pretty much every aspect of planning. is our personal favourite for venue recommendations in the county.

But for a pain free…dare we say it, even fun and enjoyable….planning process, with unique ideas, personal to you, you can’t beat a lending hand from the professionals! For a free consultancy, please contact us directly either through the website or by calling 07554 203384.

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Celebrity DJ, Nikki Beatnik

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